Maternity to Cake Smash: the Long Game (update).

I was super excited about my clients coming back for a cake smash. It was a long journey: Pregnancy announcement, maternity, newborn, and now cake smashes. They came out great. ENJOY!


If you want a reminder of the earlier shoots CLICK HERE.

It’s a great reminder of how much they’ve grown.

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The gift of professional photography is always a great gift.

The gift of professional photography is always a great gift.

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Maternity to Cakesmash: the Long Game

Five star reviews are great but have you ever had someone keep hiring you? This makes me feel great, sometimes OLD, but mostly great. I feel honored to be considered someone’s family photographer for the long game.


This collage was about 3 years in the making. I always say I love my repeat clients.


I’m excited to keep this going. I have two more upcoming cakesmashes I’m very excited for. They are also repeat clients as you can see below.


To see how the cakesmashes came out, follow me on any one of my social media outlets.

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I want to quit my job!

Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching but photographing an entire office’s headshots was a dream come true. If I can photograph two businesses a week and one newborn a week, I would be in heaven. If you know a business in need of headshots, please send them my way.


These are just a few of the professional I had the honor of photographing at Capital One. There are always a few camera shy people who decline having their images shared.

Teaching Moment to Photographer Friends

I like to be efficient. I’m always kind and professional. I give clear directions so there is no need to touch my subject. Most importantly, make them laugh. Lets start with why you should make them laugh. Not everyone is comfortable in front of a lens. I personally HATE it. Making them laugh relaxes them. Pair that with being kind and professional and you’ll leave a great mark. I treat it like an assembly line so the day is organized and everyone in the office has the same type of images. My process was a few variations standing, a few variations sitting on a tall stool, a few sitting in a regular chair, and one creative one. This session was in NYC so buildings in the background was a must. One extra thing I like to do is get everyone’s name in the order I shot them. Renaming your files will make you look amazing because you’re making distribution much easier. This is easy in Lightroom (for example: capital_one_ bob_1).

Click on the gallery below to see the images close up.

Always available

Always available

How I got "The Shot" 2. Cherry Blossoms

I received a lot of feed back from my first “How I Got the Shot” so I decided to make another one. This is from my Cherry Blossom Engagement session this past weekend.

charmaine_wedding_site-1 copy.jpg

Say hi to Charmaine and Elvis. They were great to work with. It was a cloudy day and it was also busy in the park so my original image was this:


Overcast rolled in and people are in my background. You will also notice, I’m using a Christmas prop.


Punch in some color, brighten it, remove people, and remove Christmas text.


Add their save the date and then watch your client fall in love.

Click on the images below to see the gallery.

Mommy & Me sessions still available. Click the button above to book or ask questions. The Cherry Blossoms Festival is still going on for about a week or two.

Gift Certificates available.

Gift Certificates available.

Then and Now

Then and Now

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice! These are things I did to get where I am today in my photography business.

If you want to succeed in any type of photography, start small. Family and friends are the best place to start. Use them to practice and get better at your craft. Practice A LOT!

If you’re having trouble there are so many YouTube videos to watch and Pinterest images and tutorials you can look up. There is no reason why you can’t thrive in photography. You just need to go out and do the work.

Don’t be a jack of all trades. Stick to one thing and be great at it.

A jack of all trades is a master at none. -Spanish Proverb

Don’t forget to please leave a Google review.

Don’t forget to please leave a Google review.

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Reasons you need prints in your life

Reasons you need prints in your life.


While I love and respect the posting and sharing of my clients’ images after one of my photoshoots, I feel like clients should go the extra mile and get those images printed. It doesn’t even have to be through me. I’m in the process of getting photo release cards so clients don’t run the risk of other places not printing my photography. If you take the time and spend the money on a shoot, some sort of physical product should be purchased as well. If you just take the digital prints and never do anything with them you run the risk of losing the USB and your computer crashing. Yes this is worse case scenario it won’t happen right away. I only archive my clients’ images for a year or so.

Showing off the digital images can be a nuisance also. You need to be near a computer. You need to find the USB if it’s not saved on your computer. Physical products are usually on a coffee table, on your wall, or make your mornings bright when you hold your coffee mug with my images on them. You see these products every day.

You have choices as well. You’re free to take your images to Walmart or Costco. I don’t recommend it. I won’t stop you. I will warn you that the quality and colors will most likely be subpar. The quality of those products won’t compare with manufactures that strictly deal with professional photographers. Screens are calibrated and images are color corrected so you receive the best image possible.

Yes it will cost more. There is nothing wrong with going the less expensive route. Quality will make your images stand out though. Just what ever you do, don’t let your image collect dust hidden in a drawer.


Gift Certificates Available

Give the gift of photography. Memories for life.

Free Headshot Give Away



Are you a professional in need of a headshot? Sunday is the drawing for the free headshot giveaway winner!

  • Screenshot your favorite image, quote, video, etc of mine

  • Repost (not in stories) in instagram with the hashtag #grheadshotgiveaway

  • Wait for Sunday’s drawing

Why do professionals need a headshot?

In this day and age, we have this digital identity. It’s like your calling card. Business cards are out, headshots are in. It puts a face with a name. Companies and personal brands are starting to get that. Anybody that is entrepreneurial needs a headshot, even if it’s just going to sit on LinkedIn. LinkedIn profiles without headshots look ridiculous.

 Zach Brooke- American Marketing Association 

Gift Certificates always available.

Gift Certificates always available.

How I got "The Shot"

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. This blog will be for my photographer friends and those that are just curious to know what goes into the shot.


Whether you photography the most well behaved children or the most hyperactive children on the planet, these simple steps will help you get the shot parents love.

GET A TRIPOD! Set your camera up on the tripod and make your subject laugh, be goofy, tell them daddy farted. Do what ever gets the child to engage and shoot it. Rinse and repeat.


Layer your best images in Photoshop. I also have an image of my backdrop with nothing on it to extend the background. The rest is Photoshop magic. I will be daunting if you don’t know Photoshop. Watch some videos on LAYERS and MASKS. Pick a base image and work your layers on top. Everything will be in its rightful spot because you shot these images on a tripod. Cut layer 2 and 3 out with a mask and refine as needed. Add, match color, and cut out the backdrop.


Finalize your image and deliver something phenomenal to your clients.

Final days of Christmas sessions

I both happy (I get to rest) and sad (Christmas is almost over) to say Tuesday is the last day for Christmas sessions. Any last second families trying to squeeze in a Christmas session Sunday 1-3 are the only time slots left.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone. It has been a GREAT year.

Christmas Sessions are under way!

I’m excited to say my Christmas sessions are going great. I would LOVE to show you some images but for obvious reason, I have to wait until my clients’ families receive them 1st.

Christmas packaging

Although my weekends are fully booked, weekday sessions are still available.


Family photo sessions make a great gift this holiday season. Who wants to fight their way through the mall anyway???

Business Cards, part of your first impression.

This should go without saying but your first impression might make or break you.  Have a firm handshake and speak clearly and confidently. Leave them with a way to contact you afterwards.  No brainer right? I recently redesigned my business card and since I'm in the business of photography, I use my card as a bit of a portfolio as well.  I have some of my best images for all the types of photography I do on the front and my contact info on the back.  


It's enough to entice your potential client to look at the rest of your website. 

I recently tried a new website which is great if you're not very design savvy.  They have about 180 colors to chose from and plenty of templates to help get the feel of your business onto your business card.  

Design your business card today:



If larger cards is what you're looking for Basic Invite also has announcement cards, thank you cards, and wedding invitations.  They have foil designs and type with over 40 different colors of envelopes to chose from. 

Design your card today:


Check them out today.  Their  site is easy to navigate and even if do have questions, customer service is waiting on the bottom corner of your page to best help.